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Dual Mode Analyzer

The technical specifications for the ECUTEST Dual Mode Analyzer.

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A truly dual mode eddy current analyzer for inspecting nonferrous heat exchanger tubes.


  • Serial Computer Interface for Automated Data Collection and Analysis
  • Report Format with Tube Sheet Designing
  • Hand Held Terminal
  • Dual Mode
  • Preprogrammed
  • Remote Erase and Switching
  • Signal Freeze
  • Timed Erase
  • Auto Centering
  • Choice of Grid Patterns
  • Auto Balance

This instrument has no slave functions. This feature allows countless combinations of calibrations. Frequency, phase angle, gain and range are all totally independent. Both modes may be calibrated initially and accessed instantly at any time during the test.

ECUTEST contains 139 calibrations already preprogrammed into the unit. These programs are accessed, using a one, two, or three digit code through the front panel keypad. Manual calibration allows programs for any special or unusual test requirement.

PREPROGRAMMED calibrations are included for most chillers.

HAND HELD TERMINAL allows storage of graphics and text for retrieval with PC or printer. Also allows mode switching, erase, zero balance, and activates printer.

PROBES for this system contain two (2) sets of sensing coils (DIFFERENTIAL AND ABSOLUTE/CROSS AXIS). The coils are encapsulated in a stainless steel housing for durability and a moisture free environment. Most popular size probes are in stock. Special probes can be assembled with advance notice. (NO SURFACE PROBES.)

CALIBRATION STANDARDS are stocked for the most popular chiller tubes, surface condensers, and process exchangers. Other calibration standards can be fabricated when material is available, such as R.F.T., IRIS, Flux Leakage, N.F.T., Step Blocks, and Crack Simulations.

TRAINING sessions are available. Contact:

Ron Hale (ECT)
10475 Lance Lane, Sand Springs, OK 74063
Phone: 918-245-1735 — Fax: 918-246-9530
After Hours: 918-691-9320

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